Welcome to the Bahamas and our 700 islands. Please let me welcome you with a genuine hug and a smile!!!!

To all of my guests all of this world from 1996 to now…I've shown you an exciting time in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island (a commercial island,) now I think it's time for me to unravel the REAL Bahamas for you. This precious stone called Cat Island. The home of a gentle, humble people with a rustic way of life…A picture within itself. Come see this beauty!

In 1926, Cat Island official became known as Cat Island, named after British pirate Arthur Catt who once inhabited the island with his crew, and that is how it became known as Cat Island. This beautiful island is the 6th largest in the Bahamas, with a population of about 2000. It is 84 miles long and has 60+ miles of superb beaches, and also home to some of the best snorkeling in the Bahamas. Cat Island is also home to the highest point in the Bahamas…Mount Alvernia Also known as Como Hill. At 206 feet above sea level, you will get a magnificent view of the island!

There is so much history here on Cat Island. Please don't be shy, I will meet and greet you and hold your hands through the whole island!    

Featured Tour

Gilligan's Island (Saturday & Sunday)

Cat Island Gilligan's IslandSince this tour was described as, "Grand Bahama's most exhilerating tour experience", I had to bring it to Cat Island!! No vacation is complete without the Gilligan's Island tour! This is a must do!