Smiling Pat's Cat Island Tours

These tours will be offered to those staying on Cat Island

Tour to Cat Island

Those looking to stay on Cat Island, here is some helpful information for you...

To fly to cat island on Sky Bahamas is $170 from Nassau (NAS). Click here for a list of Places to stay on Cat Island. Make sure where ever you stay, to tell them that Smiling Pat sent you!! Please call me for more information on transportation to these resorts.

Please contact me with any questions!! 533-2946 or 1-242-342-5178.

These are some of the other tours that I am working on, more details to come...
- Native Bar Hopping Tour
- YoYo Fishing
- Cat Island North
- Adam & Eve Picnic
- Beach Camping (2 days, 1 night)
- Deep Sea Fishing

Cat Island South - Tuesday

Tour of Cat Island South

I will take you to see the airport, our magnificant sailing club, police station and the Hermitage. The Hermitage is located at the highest point in the Bahamas at 206ft above sea level. It's the home of Father Jerome Hawes who came here in 1939. We will then head to Baintown to see our Mermaid Hole. My 104 year old grandmother said she has seen them there! Then off to the Bat Cave in Port Howe. Here also we will see Andrew Deveaux's Great House. This was once a scene of great splendor and luxury. He settled here with his family and the slaves on Cat Island in the 18th Century, today the Great House, plantation and slave quarters lie in ruin. Off to our last stop...the Healing Pond. It's said it heals arthritis and head colds!

Time: 10AM to 4PM

Adult: $45.00 - Child: $45.00 - Lunch is included with this tour

Cat Island Beach Hopping - Wednesday

Tour of Cat Island South

I will take you around the island stopping at some of our magnificant beaches. You will not believe your eyes when you see the beautiful pink sand beaches!

Time: 10AM to 4PM

Adult: TBD - Child: TBD - Lunch is included with this tour

Crab Crawling - Thursday

Crab Crawling on Cat Island

Do as the islanders do...learn how to catch crab!! Follow the guide, watch and learn how its done. You can only do this in the out islands in the Bahamas! What your guide catches is yours! Crab may be eaten by washing it with warm water, then put it in a pot of boiling water for about a half an hour and MMMMMMM SO GOOD!!

Time: 7:30PM to 10PM

Adult: $45.00 - Child: $45.00

Please come in long pants if you have them (this goes for both men and women!)

This will adventure will be lots of fun!!

Friday Night Fish Fry - Friday

Cat Island Fish Fry

Come on down to Zonicle Hill and meet Angie and Mary at the Crab House. Eat fresh fried fish and dance under the stars. Not only do they have fresh fried fish, they also have fresh conch and stuffed crab!!

Time: 6PM to 10PM

Gilligan's Island #2 - Saturday and Sunday

Gilligan's Island off of Cat Island

We pick you up at 10AM and take you off Cat Island to a breath taking deserted beach on a beautiful cay. Here we will go snorkeling, fishing, shell hunting all day! Lunch will be lobsters when in season, otherwise the fish that we catch will be our lunch. We will also give you a punch! RUM Punch that is! Smile, we'll be back at 5PM.

Time: 10AM to 5PM

Adult: TBD - Child: TBD